Here are a few starter tips on using The Claw Remote right away.


  • Please read both the insert card and the bluetooth instructions. We’ve put extra time into making them clear and easy to read.
  • Our remote comes charged but if you have time it's a good idea to charge your remote for a couple of hours before using it for the first time. The large ring will glow red when you first plug it in and then will turn off after a few minutes it is still charging with the red light off.
  • When you go to turn on the Claw Remote push down the little button for about three seconds this will illuminate the blue button. It will start to flash signifying that it is in discoverable mode.
  • Then place your IOS or Android device into discoverable mode. When they find our Claw Remote will show as "The Claw" and that's it, Easy!
  • If you want you can push the small button for 5 – 7 seconds and the Blue light will flash twice, quickly, signifying that it has been turned off manually, or if you don’t use it after 5 minutes  and touch nothing it will auto off to save power!
  • Have fun finding all the various ways you can use your remote for taking pictures or starting and stopping videos!